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Into the Century of the Fruitbat


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My PC has no sound on the speakers. I try all the suggestions I find online, but in the back of my mind is the memory of a (Windows) screen that I've seen in the past where you click on the speaker icon and the computer makes a "Boop" sound so you can know right away if the problem is the speakers themselves.  I can't find it so I post on Facebook asking if anyone knows where to find this screen from my memory.

The first response is from someone with a Mac.  Gosh, thanks.

The second is from someone telling me which of my FB friends (who are mutual relatives) show know the answer.  Really?

Who's next, someone who will ask me for the information I posted in the question?  Sheesh.
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To see bubbles in your dream represent merriment, fun, and childhood joys.
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There are certain linguistic subtleties  that I have never really understood how they arose.  
Slaughtered animals are 'hung', criminals are 'hanged'.  
Animal stock is 'raised', children are 'reared'.
Puppies and babies are 'cute', men are 'handsome'.  
(OK, I think that last was purely my father's convention, born out of his sense of dignity).
I understand that the purpose was to differentiate humans from other animals, but when and why did that become important?
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Here you go, Em.  Vacuumed inside and out, warm and cozy, a cross between a Jedi robe and an Ewok.

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In September 1995, the kid's dad and I broke up. I had no job and didn't
qualify for State aid because my car was worth too much, so for
Christmas presents I used second hand sheets, batting, edging and yarn
that I had in my stash and made tied quilts for each of them.

Needless to say, come Christmas morning, the kids, ages 3 to 10, were
less than overjoyed to open their big packages to find...blankets. I'm not sure whose hearts were more broken, theirs or mine.

In an attempt to unbreak a couple, I explained to them that I knew they
each needed a new blanket and so while I stitched and tied blankets for
the hours they were away at their dad's house, I sat and thought about
how much and what I loved about each of them. "In effect", I said,
"each time you are lying in bed covered up by your blanket, remember
that you are also covered up by my love"
As least 2 of them are
still using those blankets, and Nathan told me a few months ago that he
still remembers what I said about them.
THAT is the spirit of Christmas, and still giving 16 years later...
As I re-read this after posting, I burst into (happy) tears, because I realized that what I meant by 'still giving' is that by using them, and remembering what I said, they are giving me what I was trying to give them all those years ago...
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Mods to paper pattern:  cut 6" in length,
marked placement and added pocket slits,
added arm length

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Tell me what you think, Em.
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Asked to make this for a Christmas present, based upon this: http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/miscellaneous/de79/?cpg=froogle.  Not responsible for embroidery, so I agreed.
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E: ..."The look on her face improved my whole day"

Me: "Like"

E: "Ha ha. Mom you're so Internet"

Me: "Gotta admit, I wish I could "like" things all over the place: architecture, things people say, lj posts, etc..."

E: "There is something elegant about "like". It says 'I have seen and appreciated the thing you did/said/experienced, though I have nothing specific to say on the subject' ".

Me: "Like"
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Several years ago, watching the birds and their fledglings, it struck me that I had never seen a baby crow. Considering the number of crows about, it seemed unlikely never to have seen a fledgling and I became intensely curious about it.  I really wanted to see a baby crow.

One day I saw the neighbor boy hitting what looked like a bundle of rags in the street with a stick.  When I  asked him what he was doing, he said, "It's wing is broken, it can't fly."  I came closer and saw a crow, apparently unhurt, with startlingly blue eyes.  I realized the universe had answered my request to see a baby crow!

I picked it up with a towel and brought it to my backyard where it was nice and quiet.  Knowing that the parents would be watching, I just gave it some 5-Flower remedy and left it to recover.  Throughout the day, when I had reason to go out, I saw the baby in various spots throughout the yard. He had obviously been practicing his flying.

The next morning, when I chanced to look out the back window, there were half a dozen crows, perched along the railing of the deck!  It seemed the parent crows knew a good flying practice spot when it offered!  They were out there in diminishing numbers for the next few days, and I even had a short return visit the following summer.

Even though it's been about 10 years since their last visit, I always make a point of offering salutations to the crows, as a thank you.
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